There are moments, I could get lost… leave my human self behind, at least the one who can limit experiences… make them less than they were in the moment. It would be easy to become a hermit… writing, painting, growing food… being present to witness opportunities as they appear… just as the image above, sprung from my connection to the Birch I was observing, and Robin’s, startling, appearance, melded the two into one.

Robin has been my constant companion, due to the grey-misted, frosty days and it seems, will be staying awhile. A female arrived… sparking his attention and causing him to dance and dart like a wee mad thing. He presented her with chopped worm and wisps of stolen straw from the greenhouse. He sang to her in a slightly off-key trill… wooing her into the depths of the Yostaberry bush to show her his nest creation. At least that’s what I think he was showing her! Fingers crossed, for little blue eggs and tiny hatchling in spring.

Meanwhile, in the garden, all was in stasis but, despite it being just past mid-winter, Lady Spring is showing signs of rebirth in the hedgerows. Crocus and Hyacinth have thrust juicy spears through the frozen crust of soil, and buds are showing, bright and shiny green in the Sycamore. Hawthorn and Willow, indicate returning life, in a sparkle of garnet-red tips. Plum and cherry flower, buds are plump with moisture.


It’s been a week of icy frosts… then a little sunshine, mixed with heavy rain, sleet and high winds and hasn’t reached more than seven degrees, through the day. One day, three for most of it; the coldest was minus-six!

Life is slow and meandering… walks when I can. I’m knee-deep in photography, editing the next book and listening to recordings of my own moments of “downloads” from my inner-most muse.


Everything is in flux… not only the shift of seasonal change, but the whole vibratory force of a changing world. Consciousness reveals, everything we think about… imagine, becomes real somewhere… so, therefore, we can balance how we see the world, not let destructive forces rule. Allowing consciousness to shift, elegantly. It takes more than just prayers and dreams. It’s also action that’s needed, it’s about knowing who we are and implementing it, despite challenges from others, who may be uncomfortable, because change is confronting on any level.

Meld Picture 3

…and so, on, clear-aired, frosty days… Ravens return to the farm. Already they’re raucous. Complaining of the least little disturbance, they challenge each other to duels-in-flight, showing off their acrobatic skills to the fluffed up females, sitting in the bare-branched, birch grove. Apparently unimpressed, they gossip in guttural tones of knowingness. Who knows why they do this, for Raven mates for life… perhaps, males being males… or just for fun?

I wait now, for a little warmth, a bursting snowdrop… the sun on my skin…

All rights reserved, including photography by Penny Reilly



3 thoughts on “…Winter

  1. I love Winter. I love the stark bear bones of it. I love rugging up in warm clothes, boots, scarves and gloves. Then I love walking inside to a wood fire. I love the kettle boiling and the glow of the flames.
    And I love reading what you wrote about it. Magical and inspiring.🙂


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