Little Magicks

cropped-frozen1.jpgLittle Magicks have nothing to do with conjouring, mixing, chanting or casting. They live in the everyday world and are visible to those with the eye and instinct to see. They are the energies of our ancient planet, mysteries defying anything our brain can completely understand, unless we are attuned to the land itself…

We can see them in dancing motes in rays of sunlight… tiny orbs of translucent colour, and in a swirl of autumn leaves, dancing across emerald grass… droplets of dew, suspended in a spider web.

Little Magicks are witnessed by all our senses combined… and then the veil lifts and dreams begin…

3 thoughts on “Little Magicks

  1. Driving to and fro my workplace..every shift, a 50 kilometre drive through forest lands…like a preparation for, and a cleansing from, what I have experienced… tonight – home to my haven, driving at dusk, the storm clouds in my rear view mirror, a spectacular sunset drew my tired self to my haven….. a hard day, but a gift from the Goddess lit my path.

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    1. We have not seen the sun much this season, but when we do it’s a wonderful thing to feel warmth on the skin. It’s a wild winter and I am officially cabin crazy. Thanks for dropping by Terri.


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